Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Putting The Hurt On Health Care

The health care debate is in full swing and there are a lot of loud voices in the mix, especially from the right. What fascinates me about the town meetings going on across the country, is that the folks who are losing their minds over the cost of the yet to be unveiled plan, are pretty much the same demographic who supported without question the historic deficits wracked up by the Bush Administration. These same people who are tremendously concerned that our government might take us down the road to socialism, ironically had absolutely no problem when the previous administration took us on an extended tour of fascism.

OK -- I got it. It's o.k. to emulate Nazi's, but Communists not so much.

Of equal wonder to me is the fact that many opponents of a public health care option fail to realise that there is a long history of this type of program in the United States specifically, Medicare and the Veterans Administration. Many members of the opposition participate in these programs. While the VA may not always be the model of efficiency, I've yet to meet a veteran with the benefit who wants to give it up. Interestingly enough, those in the demographic that seem to be in greatest opposition to reform are those who most benefit from the current systems we have in place.

If a public option is such a socialist idea, perhaps they'd support revoking all publicly supported health care. Ask one and see what they say.

We have Medicare and the VA because we recognize that we have a moral obligation to our citizens, particularly those who have so honourably served their country. The bottom line here is that far too many of our fellow citizens do not have health care. They need a fair and affordable option and giving them one has the long term potential to reduce both catastrophic illness and catastrophic health care costs. The ability to have a regular medical checkup means that disease can be caught early. Catching disease early leads to lower costs through less invasive and expensive treatments. So why wouldn't a good fiscal conservative want something like that?

Hmmm . . . Could it be that higher health care costs lead to higher profits?

It's just a working theory.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You and your crazy radical ideas. You liberals just think the government is here to babysit you from cradle to grave, don't you? How dare you expect the U.S. to provide the same option every other civilized country offers its citizens?

Only a socialist would want to have a government protect them from an industry that is profiting off refusing claims, refusing coverage for preexisting conditions, and charging outrageous rates for care that may or may not be provided. This is a capitalist nation, pinko. You must want to destroy America if you don't think insurance CEOs deserve billions in compensation for all the work they do -- the insurance industry needs protection from people like you.

Aren't you being taxed enough already, helping provide research funding for pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs that they will sell cheaper to countries with socialized medicine and that require millions of dollars in advertising to make sure we buy them even if they aren't completely tested and have to be recalled? I suppose you want your taxes to pay for the lawyers to sue for the life-threatening complications you got from taking those medications in the first place, right?

If you can't afford health care, man up, grow up and go back to school and get a better job or take on a second or third job (the kids and wife don't need you around at night, anyway) or just exercise and eat right so you don't have to see a doctor for every little car crash, open heart surgery, or cancer you might get. Or ask your neighbors to hold a bake sale to raise money for you or see if your church will pay for your artificial limb and medications or for HIV treatment (that'll teach you to need blood transfusions).

If you couldn't afford it, why were you born with multiple disabilities and crippling, painful disfigurements? Well, if you hadn't chosen to be born with sickle cell anemia or one of the diseases Jewish people are genetically predisposed to suffer, you could have avoided all the "preexisting condition" problems in the first place. You should have known better, you communist pussy.

5:37 AM  
Blogger John Fracchia said...

Bravo, anonymous!

8:43 AM  

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