Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pennsylvania Republicans Go Green?

It's pretty much common knowledge that Ralph Nader's 2000 Green Party presidential candidacy siphoned enough votes from Al Gore in Florida, to throw the state's electoral votes, and ultimately the Presidency, to George Bush. Well that's the official record anyway. But I digress.

On Monday, Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, down by double digits in polls to Democratic challenger Bob Casey Jr., announced that he would welcome more names on the ballot. The name that he would particularly welcome is long shot Green Party candidate, Carl Romanelli.

What could the reason be?

Is Santorum eager for the thrill of competition? Um...not so much.

Is he a champion of the underdog? A quick look at his voting record will quickly show why it's impossible to even ask that question with a straight face.

Is it because a Romanelli candidacy might siphon enough votes from his Democratic opponent Bob Casey to return him to the Senate?

Ding! Winner!

Carl Romanelli had what I would consider a pretty good June. Federal Election Commission records show that in June, the Luzerne County Green Party had a banner month raising $66,000 from a mere 20 donors!
This makes up almost 70% of the $100,000 that his campaign raised to help collect enough signatures to get him on the ballot. What's really interesting about Romanelli's incredible June fundraising is that $29,000 of the $66,000 raised came from donors who had also contributed to the Santorum campaign. Even more fascinating is the fact that most of the rest came from people who had financially supported Republican candidates.

Has The Day Finally Arrived When Republicans And Greenies Will Hold Hands And Sing Kumbaya?

Not bloody likely. Santorum knows that his record is so far to the right of even his own party, that his chances of reelection are increasingly remote. Rather than step up and debate his record, it seems that he's adopted the motto, "If you can't beat 'em, cheat 'em." How apropos for a candidate whose name is increasingly linked with allegations of ethical improprieties. On his journey to reelection, it seems that Senator Santorum has taken a short cut down the low road.

Well, at least he knows the way.


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