Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This Is It

That cherished day that comes only once a year. The day when we as Americans of all political ideologies and persuasions get to exercise that sacred right bestowed upon some of us by words written on parchment, and others through hardship, pain and even death.

The right to vote is not something to be taken lightly. It is the cornerstone of our democracy, the lifeblood that sustains our republic and allows the grand experiment to continue.

In recent years there have been many accusations and rumblings about whether our right to vote is being subverted. Some have even said that maybe there's no point in bothering.

I do not know if these allegations are true. Certainly they demand vigilance and investigation. They underscore the need for increased accountability, whether it be for the companies that make the voting machines, or the election boards that develop unreasonable obstacles to voting.

All of these demand our attention and scrutiny. But they do not negate our responsibility to vote.

If you have not voted today and you are registered to do so, do so. Ask every person that you encounter if they've voted. Apathy is the fuel of misdeeds. Until we create a culture where voting is viewed as essential to our existence as drawing breath, we silently give our consent to those who would take away our freedoms and rights.

Do your part today. Stand and be counted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey - I came to your blog to read about the election results. Two republican reps in NH turn to Dem (although, I have to admit, I voted for the Repub).


7:52 AM  

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