Monday, March 05, 2007

Do As George Says, Not As He Does

This seems to be the reigning philosophy of the Bush administration, which on Thursday, selected a design for a new generation of atomic warheads. This would be the first major step toward building a new nuclear weapon since the end of the cold war.

Letting a man who can't pronounce nuclear choose the design for the next nuclear weapon, is a little like letting a colourblind person choose the swatches for the drapes. Chances are the results aren't going to be pretty!

Both the energy and defense departments say that the new warheads will not add to the existing stockpile, but rather make it safer and eliminate the need for underground testing. If true, these are admirable goals, though one wonders why underground testing is still even necessary.

Are the capabilities of nuclear weapons still that big a mystery?

More than anything though, this announcement comes at a curious time. The Bush administration is currently negotiating with North Korea to scrap their nuclear ambitions, while engaging in sabre rattling with Iran over theirs. Whether this upgrade represents an increase to the nuclear arsenal or not, the timing calls U.S. credibility into question.

It's hard to fathom how Mr. Bush expects other countries to halt their nuclear ambitions when we appear to be expanding our own.

Then again, given his track record, it really shouldn't be.


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