Thursday, September 06, 2007

His Coffers Runneth Over!

George Bush is an amazing human being. Every time I think that he has reached the pinnacle of stupidity, he opens his mouth and behold, there's one more peak for him to ascend!

In interviews granted to GQ reporter, Robert Draper, the President sketched out his plans following his term in office. It has been my long held belief that we will see Mr. Bush on the board of oil corporations, Haliburton, or other defense contractors soon after he departs the White House. Through record gas prices and numerous war related contracts, these institutions have flourished under his presidency. It seems only logical that they would repay the President in kind.

But does Mr. Bush want that kind of retirement?

Afterall, some former Presidents dedicate themselves to public service. George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton have done notable work in the aftermath of both the Asian Tsunami disaster and Hurricane Katrina. Jimmy Carter has built a legacy of service that eclipses his presidential accomplishments. These include; his work with Habitat For Humanity, human rights advocacy, and that little thing known as the Nobel Peace Prize. Mr. Carter provides proof positive that a less than successful president can still be a more than successful human being.

So what grand aspirations does the current President Bush have?

Let's hear from the man himself: "I can just envision getting in the car, getting bored, going down to the ranch,” he told Mr. Draper. “I'll give some speeches, to replenish the ol' coffers, I don't know what my dad gets - it's more than 50-75 (thousand)”and "Clinton's making a lot of money".

Apparently the $20,000,000 or so that he currently has is not enough.

Mr. Bush’s cronies have gotten exceedingly rich during his term in office. They have done it through plum contracts and through thievery. They have done it through an administration that regularly turns a blind eye to price gouging. They have often done it at the expense of the people whom they were supposed to be serving, especially the very troops that our President so professes to care about.

So if it's riches that the President wants, there is no doubt in my mind that he shall have them in plenty. His buddies will have his back and his coffers will not only be refilled, they will overflow with riches. Yes, George Bush’s wish will come true. And it’s nice when that happens, because it’s inspiring. In fact, the next time that I see a shooting star or blow out the candles on my birthday cake, I’m going to close my eyes tight and wish for the following:

That Lady Justice refills the coffers of Mr. Bush's ass, fully, with her foot.


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